If you live in the city or a crowded apartment building, it’s a good idea to take a close look at a compact washing machine.

A mini washer is just the ticket for a small house or tiny walk up apartment. Not having to lug your clothes up and down the steps or out to a laundromat and back is a big time and trouble saver.

Before buying it is a good idea to measure the area where your your new portable washer will be used and also where it will be stored if it is moved after use.

Even the smallest apartment washer may be an inch or two bigger than the required area and you will have to deal with it. Better to know before hand.

Also when shopping see how large the actual tub size is, one with a bigger tub that still fits your required area would be ideal.

Another idea is since this is moving parts, it may be a good idea to look at the extended warranty of the portable washing machine you’re thinking of buying. That way if something goes wrong you get it replaced or repaired. Read the fine print, they may even come out and pick it up and return after the repair.

No more fighting crowds at the laundromat or laundry room, waiting for a washer to become
available. A true saving of time, money and stress.

The nicest thing about these jewels is the size, they are small. They will fit into just about any nook or cranny, just about any closet. Some even hook up to the sink and then can be pushed into the closet.

Mini washers can be very useful in any setting: in a condo, mobile home, office or at home. They can be stacked up when not in use for a great saving in storage space.

Some models even offer the ‘Energy Star’ certification. Be sure to check this, most tags will give you what your power usage will be for a given year.

Here’s a compact machine:

Most of these hook up to the spigot in a sink for a water supply and drain into the drain of the sink. Hoses route water to and from the washer. Most washers have casters. The sink needs to have very decent water pressure for these to work right.

All this and when you are done, disconnect both hoses and wheel it out of the way and into a closet. If the casters decide not to work, no worries. The thing is not that heavy to start with. Picking the whole deal up and carrying it to the closet is also an option.

This one has got to be the smallest and it’s not so automatic:

No more hoarding quarters for wash night. No longer will you feel like an arcade game junkie with a pocket full of quarters. These units really pay for themselves in no time in money and time saved.

Most of these use less laundry soap, too. There is a money saving there, as well.

Most units these days have different cycle and water level settings, so you can tailor it to whatever type of use you need, heavy, light or anything in between.

These can be great for washing delicate items such as wool. You can be in charge of the whole process.

If you have a large family and have dirty clothes on a daily basis, going out for to do the laundry is a real chore.  One of these may be just what the doctor ordered. If the place you live in does not have standard laundry hookups or no on site washers, you have it made.

One of these can make a home clothes washing machine a reality if a full size machine is out of reach. That daily or weekly trudge to the laundromat is eliminated.  It a sure bet that it will make your life better!

The capacity on most models is usually close to the full load of an ordinary machine.

If the hose routing does not work for your set up, there is usually a manual mode – you can fill the tub yourself. You can even plumb in a “T” fitting into the water routing under your sink for a more robust setup if you are into that type of thing.

Front Loading Vs Top Loading Washing Machines:

Front loading machines are known to use less energy, less water and do a bit of a better job at cleaning. Top loading machines are usually cheaper because of the design. You can get energy saving washers in the top loading models.

For really small cramped places there are models that include the dryer, but these are more popular in Europe.

So unless you are going to miss the socializing in the laundromat, an apartment compact washer is definitely the way to go.

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